clay murals ready for review, one in process.



5 drawings for residencial ceramic relief sculptural murals.

5' wide ceramic relief sculptural mural for northern Wisconsin home.



The following drawings have been aproved and I will start sculpting the middle of this summer. One ton of clay is mixed, covered and waiting in the mural room.






Ceramic relief mural for a Kentucky home. Will be around 5' wide.





Ceramic relief sculptural for a northern Wisconsin home around 5' h.




 6' w ceramic relief sculptural mural for SC home











 Detail of the live oak leaves










 Ceramic relief mural for WI home.


Wild Things in the World That We Have Made 

These twelve Ceramic Relief Murals were exhibited in conjunction with the following five 2014 NCECA shows.

Ceramic relief murals, fired in a salt kiln and assembled and adhered on a hanging board.

1.) Exhibited at Howdle Studios and Gallery, Mineral Point WI.

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Murals

Red tailed Hawk and Tractor.

44"w X 48"h










Ceramic relief Sculptural mural.

Bass and outboard motor

63"h X 24"h




Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural.

Catfish, turtles and tires

58"w X 32"h







Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

Rabbits in backyard

48"w X 31"h







2.) Harry & Laura Nohr Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Faculty show followed the theme of NCECA (Perceptions of the Material World.) 

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural 

Horse mural at faculty show

56"w X 33"h


Farm Truck with Deer

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

64"w X 36"h


Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural 

 Ducks, Farm Truck and Fish

6'w X 4'h



Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

Timber wolves

77"w X 33"h

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

Raccoon Under Shed

55"w X 28"h


3.)J Nikolai Art, Suite 302,  Milwaukee, WI. during NCECA 2014, Generations of the Paoli Clay Family Show.  The following work was included in an exhibit celebrating the rich tradition of clay artist and education at UW system campuses and regional high schools supported by Dave and Mike Jacobs of the Paoli Clay Company. Close to 50 Ceramic Artist were part of this exhibit.

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

Fish and Turtles

54"w X 35"h








Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

Peregrine Falcons Nesting in the City

5'h X 4'w











4.) Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI. (Elevating Clay: From the Wheel to Wall) This mural was part of an exhibit in conjunction with NCECA in Milwaukee, WI.

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural

47 Chev. with Sand hill Cranes

64"w X 33"h

5.) The Sugar River Gallery, Verona Area High School, (Ring of Fire) Hosted during NCECA.

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural


5'w X 3'h



Moose delivered to Motley, MN.  

40"w X 44"h

Ceramic Relief Sculptural Mural